Forging Bonds of Trust, Accountability and Passion

The paths to leadership are many. We can be a leader by title or by default, by training or education or we can be a leader simply by the fact that people look to us for leadership. The greatest common denominator I have found, in my corporate, military and personal clients is a deep pervasive thirst for competent and effective leadership. Landonworks the company arose in response to that thirst.

What is the fastest ROI?  Working with teams.


Teams exist to fulfill a promise bigger that one person can deliver. When a team is running optimally, a mood of trust bonds everyone together. When a team is struggling and lacking integrity every little task takes herculean effort, leading to burn out and dissatisfaction. Team training aligns everyone on the same goal, using powerful language and intentional processes leading to an intentional and powerful and sustainable team mood.

The Mood of a Leader


Changing the mood of a company requires leadership capable of holding a mood that is counter to the dominant paradigm. This requires emotional intelligence and being resilient, both key components inherent in being able to create a deep, powerful and sustainable mood shift in a company.

Women’s Leadership in Today’s Workplace

A powerful way to create intentional shifts in organizations today is to address the internal and external influences on women leaders in today’s world. Landonworks trainings focus on both gender specific and mixed-gender trainings.

Introductory Offer for New Clients

For a limited time Chris Balsley of Landonworks is offering 25% discount for his 6 month executive coaching program.

Leadership Development Services


Coaching is a sacred relationship focusing on the shortcomings and blind spots that hold you back from what matters to you most.

Team Training

Inspiring teams to deliver excellence on promises that are too complex and large for one person to manage.


Engaging participants mentally, physically and emotionally to become the leaders the world most needs now.

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Taruno Steffensen

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