Landonworks services propel clients to outrageous levels of success by shifting the way leaders perceive the environment around them, by changing how leaders act in those environments and by creating practices that allow leaders to intentionally choose their responses.

A Key Difference Between Management and Leadership

Often times I find that people are confused by the differences between Management and Leadership. Both are vital and necessary for the health of a company. Whereas management seeks stability by predicting and controlling outcomes, leadership may challenge the short-term stability in favor of the health and longevity of the company. Best practices for onboarding new employees, a set of defined conflict resolution procedures, forecasting personnel time-off and a well thought-out HR manual are all in the domain of Management.

Leadership on the other hand, often creates change that is both uncomfortable and radical. Inspiring others to think out of the box, to boldly go where no one has gone before, to hold oneself and others to higher standards of accountability are all actions in the domain of effective leadership.


Coaching is a sacred relationship between you and your coach. It focuses on the shortcomings and blind spots that hold you back from what matters to you most. The power of this awareness lies in co-designing habits and practices that allow for a more intentional and powerful future.

The frequency of sessions is co-designed and varies based on client needs. Weekly sessions between 45 and 90 minutes are common during the initial stage of a coaching engagement. Towards the end phase of a typical 9 month engagement, coaching sessions average every other week and last an hour.

  • What I say, I become
  • What I do I get better at
  • What I imagine, I create

Team Training

A team is a group of people working towards fulfilling promises bigger than one individual can deliver. Team training focuses on aligning members towards communal goals and provides training to create more impact in less time, with less effort.

  • Focus on real-time work issues unique to your company
  • Ingrain accountability one leader at a time
  • Building trust, emotional intelligence and agility
  • Defining the rules of engagement the team adheres to


Workshops are interactive training products from two hours to three days in length that have a pre-defined curriculum of exercises and material with a track record of 1,000’s of satisfied customers. Participants should come dressed in comfortable clothes, prepared to participate fully and have fun. A partial list of workshops follows:

  • Leader as coach
  • Taming the difficult client
  • Stress navigation training
  • Integrating the masculine and feminine into leadership
  • Emotional agility, the key to satisfied stakeholders
  • Women’s leadership… by drift or by design
  • Leadership, mindfulness and creativity
  • Breaking your own glass ceiling

Stop Controlling.
Start Leading.

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