Stop Controlling. Start Leading.

Forging Bonds of Trust, Accountability and Passion

I have seen more than one entrepreneurial business hoping to transition upward into a small company that crumbled after getting a first product to market or after receiving venture capital or Angel funding. There was no structure in place to hold success, everybody was running on excitement, ambition and fumes. When money finally flowed in there were no processes in place to hold it. One of the best things to do in preparation for the influx of money or success is to create structure. Its always easier to create structure with fewer people than it is with more people.

Creating structure can look like defining things which to you, the leader, are a given.

  • Write out your vision for the company or your division and let everyone know your vision for the company.
  • Create a spreadsheet of where money comes from and where it goes and allow others to see it.
  • Define a written document of work hours, pay and other things like lunches and breaks.
  • Work on the HR manual and the employee on-boarding process.

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